About Us - Acupuncture Allied LLC

Welcome to Acupuncture Allied LLC – the hub for acupuncturists seeking a streamlined approach to clinic management.

In today's fast-paced world, healthcare providers should focus on what they do best – delivering quality patient care. At Acupuncture Allied LLC, we understand that acupuncturists face unique challenges in managing their clinics. From maintaining medical records to handling insurance billing, there’s a myriad of tasks that can take you away from your patients. That's why we are committed to providing an all-in-one system tailored to meet the specific needs of acupuncturists.

Our Promise to You

We’ve combined modern technology with a deep understanding of acupuncture practices to deliver a system that's both powerful and easy to use. Our goal is to streamline your operations, so you can spend more time with your patients and less time on administrative tasks.

Here's How We Serve You:

· Easy-To-Use Medical Record System: Say goodbye to cumbersome medical records. Our system is designed for simplicity, ensuring that patient information is always at your fingertips.

· Quick-To-Submit Insurance Billing Services: Navigate the intricate maze of insurance with ease. Our platform makes the billing process hassle-free, ensuring timely and accurate submissions.

· Appointment Scheduling and Reminders: Let us handle the organization. With our intuitive appointment scheduler, you can book appointments effortlessly, while automated reminders reduce no-shows and keep your clinic running smoothly.

· Website Development and Hosting Services: Whether you’re establishing your online presence or looking to upgrade, we’ve got you covered. Our team of web experts will create a site that mirrors the quality and professionalism of your practice.

Join the community of acupuncturists who have trusted Acupuncture Allied LLC to transform their clinic management. Allow us to support the backend, while you prioritize holistic healing.

Your passion is patient care. Our passion is ensuring your practice thrives. Let's embark on this journey together. Welcome to Acupuncture Allied LLC.